Export Development Services

Export Services for SMEs in Ireland

Perhaps your business needs to focus on one particular phase of our 7-Step Market Diversification Process.

Have you taken things to a certain point yourself and now need further guidance?

Maybe you don’t know where to start and need to be presented with a strategy before embarking on the rest of the process?

We can work with you on any one step of the process in isolation.


Export Strategy Review

If you are currently exporting, we will review your current strategy and make recommendations as to how your strategy should develop.


Export Strategy Development

A strategy will be devised specifically for your business based on your products or services, your resources and your growth plans.


Market Identification

We research which countries or markets are likely to have the most demand for your product or service, will obtain the optimum price and incur the lowest entry costs.  The most lucrative markets will then be identified for your business.  Our research is based on facts and expert market knowledge.


Market-Led Value Proposition Development

The value propositions of your offering will be identified and analysed.  The most suitable propositions will be chosen appropriate to the culture, needs and demands of your prospective markets.


Potential Partner Identification 

In association with our expert research team, we will identify a list of partners within your prospective markets, best placed to assist with your identified route to market.


Potential Partner Qualification 

Your short-list of potential partners will be further analysed to assess which partners are the most suitable and the reasons why the partnership is likely to be mutually beneficial.



Our network of in-market consultants will proactively assist you with all negotiations with potential partners.  We will provide practical logistical support such as airport collection, arrange the potential partner meetings and attend meetings with you in order to provide cultural support and market understanding.  We will provide feedback and insight on all meetings in our follow-up report, all with a view to securing the most lucrative agreement for you to grow your exports.

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